About MyStyle

MyStyle Personal Assistant utilizes technology, traditional marketing concepts and some new ideas to to present an innovative approach to managing your clients. We did more than bridge the OS and browser war gap. If doesn't matter if you use Windows, Mac, Linux, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, or Samsung. MyStyle works with them all!
Using MyStyle has Never Been Easier
  • The MyStyle Personal Assistant is a robust system that lets you communicate and market to your clients like never before.
  • Access it by web or cell phone text. Print your calendar and list of appointments any way you want. 
  • We incorporate a full featured SMS text server that allows you to do things with a simple text message like:
     - Add clients
     - Create and reschedule appointments
     - Check your schedule for any day
     - Get your clients hair type and color formula
       within seconds
     - Market your products and services by distributing a
       single text to a group of your clients
     - Add notes after an appointment
  • Create a marketing piece from one of our templates right in the system to use the way you want.
   MyStyle Does the Work for You
  • Keeps history of all your client appointments and products they have purchased
  • MyStyle will send a Happy Birthday on your behalf or a Congratulations on the next anniversary for your client.
  • Organizes your appointments and groups your clients by type.

Still not convinced? Take a Test Drive today and see how easy it is to market yourself to your clients


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